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What to Expect From Drug Rehab

There are many misconceptions regarding what goes on at a drug rehab center. It’s not uncommon for someone seeking addiction recovery to put recovery off simply because they don’t know what it’s like. Since going to a substance abuse treatment facility is the most effective road to recovery, it may help to shed some light on the process. Here’s a brief look at what to expect from our addiction recovery program in North Miami Beach, Florida.


When a client first begins treatment at an addiction recovery center, they must undergo an evaluation and assessment. They will fill out the necessary paperwork and answer questions related to their use of alcohol and drugs, their family background, any family history of addiction, and their medical history. If there are mental health conditions that may be having an effect on the drug use, those will have to be treated for the program to be successful.

Fortunately, Futures in Recovery offers dual diagnosis mental health treatment for those clients who struggle with a co-occurring mental health issue in addition to addiction. Each client will also have to undergo a physical examination to correlate their drug use with whatever toxins the substances might have left behind in their body. The purpose of this is to design a customized program that meets their needs.


The detoxification phase is designed to purge the system of whatever substances have been ingested. In order to begin treatment, the body has to be completely drug-free. This phase can last anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, depending on what types of drugs are involved. While withdrawal symptoms will be managed to ensure as much comfort as possible, the process will not be easy. Taking drugs for months or years takes a toll on the body and getting them out can be a challenging proposition. However, our staff will be by your side throughout the process, mitigating discomfort as much as possible and ensuring a safe environment.

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While specifics might vary from one drug detox clinic to another, counseling and education are fairly universal. One of the most important objectives at any drug rehab facility is to help the client understand why they began using drugs in the first place, so they can get a better idea how to avoid doing so in the future. Counseling can take many forms, including: individual counseling, group sessions, educational lectures, exercise, and activities.

Relapse Prevention

A reputable addiction recovery facility will focus heavily on relapse prevention. This involves teaching clients the skills needed to cope with stress. Certain triggers cause people to turn to drugs and clients learn techniques that can be used to overcome the inevitable cravings. They are also encouraged to participate in 12-step recovery groups that can help them put what they learn into practice.

Family Counseling

Another important goal for an addiction treatment facility is to help restore a healthy family dynamic. When someone has a substance abuse problem, it’s not unusual for them to overlook the effect their addiction has on family members. Some family members have gotten to know their relative's drug problem just as intimately as the client, themselves. This is often due to their own feelings of anger, pain, or embarrassment over the situation and their inability to control their loved one’s behavior. Family counseling programs exist to address these issues and create a support system for the client, within the family.

Aftercare Programs

Treatment at a drug rehab facility is usually for a period of a month or so, though it may sometimes take longer. While these programs offer a secure environment free from temptation, the client will eventually want to return to the outside world. The best treatment plans involve strong aftercare programs to help them when they leave the facility. Aftercare programs may include outpatient treatment, residency at a halfway house, a 12-step program and weekly check-ins with a counselor.

It’s important to realize that an addiction recovery program is not a cure. It is, however, the best place to begin the path toward healing. Deciding to seek help with addiction recovery is the first step in what can be a lengthy process. For more information, contact a treatment specialist at Futures in Recovery, our North Miami Beach, Florida addiction treatment center.