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Clients who have long struggled with substance abuse and addiction will likely want to seek treatment as soon as possible. By entering Futures in Recovery, our drug rehab location in Lutz, Florida, individuals can get the specialized assistance they need to overcome their problems and get on with life. Our rehab centers offer supervised detox programs, which ensures everyone who enters the facility is given the tools they need to combat substance abuse. Our addiction recovery center offers a variety of amenities -- including support groups and holistic therapeutic strategies -- that will get clients on the road to recovery sooner rather than later.

Mental health treatment works in tandem with successful substance abuse treatment, and this is exactly what our drug rehab facility offers. When one of our clients is dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to their addiction, we utilize dual diagnosis mental health treatment to provide the best possible opportunity to reach recovery. Professionals can help clients change their thought patterns so that positive outcomes are much more frequent. Learning to avoid catastrophic thinking and triggers will reduce the temptation to use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate.

Safety and care at the facility are high priorities at Futures in Recovery drug rehab centers. In fact, staff members at the facility always ensure that each and every client receives the best possible care. Open discussion of problems is encouraged, and this is often the best way to discover viable solutions. During group therapy sessions, respect and kindness are essential. Because many of the symptoms of substance abuse are often difficult to talk about, clients are always presented with a secure environment where they will not meet with any harm. Drug detox clinic workers will make sure that all of the rules and regulations are followed.

There is a sense of togetherness within our Lutz substance abuse treatment facility. In fact, clients are encouraged to interact with each other and support each other while they are there. Group therapy sessions are especially important. They allow clients to vent about how they are feeling as they progress through the supervised detox program. Group therapy is one of the most important facets of addiction recovery, especially at the beginning, when symptoms may be more severe. The extended support group meets regularly and welcomes everyone. Addiction, depression, anxiety, and family problems can all be discussed with regularity. No topics are forbidden, and clients are encouraged to open their hearts and souls to others.

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Rehabilitation at an addiction recovery facility will also probe how clients got involved with drugs or alcohol in the first place. This way, they can develop coping mechanisms for life so that they can move past difficult events without turning to one of these substances. In fact, individualized therapy sessions will often cover ways in which healthier activities can be developed. If clients had previously been involved with individuals who did not respect them, then it will usually be a good idea to develop new friendships and relationships with people who will offer support without having any ulterior motives.

There are a number of different aftercare avenues that clients might take after they leave the addiction treatment center. Preventing a relapse will of course be the most important goal, and this will generally mean developing a healthy daily routine. Hiking, backpacking, running, and cycling can all be excellent ways to ward off boredom and keep the mind happy and healthy. At our addiction treatment facility, clients might even receive a list of specific local programs that they would qualify for.

Ultimately, at Futures in Recovery, our addiction recovery program is meant to help everyone make a transition to a better life. With a supervised detox program, our clients in Lutz, Florida will receive the best possible care and will shortly experience a more positive outlook on life.