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People turn to substance abuse for many reasons, whether it’s to achieve a quick high to escape life, alleviate pain from other health conditions, as a form of stress relief, or a variety of other reasons. While the initial intention of drug use may be to mask an underlying hardship, individuals become more reliant on these substances to deal with daily life. This can lead to an addiction that does not allow an individual to function without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Coming to Terms with Substance Abuse

The first step in seeking help from a substance abuse treatment facility is taking responsibility for one's own actions and choices. Despite their determination, family members cannot convince others to attend a drug rehab facility out of their own will. It must be the desire of the client to get well in order for the rehabilitation process to combat substance abuse to the fullest. When the individual is ready to seek treatment, Futures in Recovery in Lumberton, Texas is here to help.

What to Look For in a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

First and foremost, the safety of clients and standard of care provided by professionals is a top priority when researching and considering drug rehab centers. At Futures in Recovery, we always ensure we are providing a safe environment for our clients.

You always want to locate an addiction recovery program that addresses mental illness as part of the recovery process. Oftentimes, drug abuse is facilitated by an underlying mental illness. As a result, the most effective addiction recovery treatments involve dual diagnosis mental health treatment, which allows one to focus on identifying and treating the underlying issues that may contribute to substance abuse. Futures in Recovery is proud to provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment to applicable clients.

Another important consideration in selecting the ideal addiction recovery facility is the provision of a supervised detox process. Supervised detox allows a client to go through the detox process under the care of professionals. These professionals are available to watch over the client during detox, offer alternative methods to ease the withdrawal process, and identify any other underlying potential issues throughout the process.

After the detox process is completed, each client should have a unique detox plan that is tailored to their particular needs and situation. There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to drug rehabilitation. As a result, clients and their families should consider the available options at each addiction recovery center. Any worthwhile facility will offer a full spectrum of services, therapies, and transitional opportunities for clients within their care. Selecting the addiction treatment center that best fits with each client's needs promotes success with the detox and rehabilitation processes.

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Importance of Community Therapy Options in an Addiction Treatment Facility

Many drug detox clinics allow periods of time for client involvement in a therapeutic setting that is monitored by professionals. Support from others who are in similar positions experiencing the same circumstances can be reassuring and can aide in the rehabilitation process. This is an essential function to look for in a drug detox clinic.

Contacting a Potential Drug Rehabilitation Center

Inquiring into the services of two or three suggested drug rehab facilities will allow clients and their family members to better understand the available services and treatment options at each location. Our drug rehab center in Lumberton, Texas is one of the most recommended and preferred facilities in the great American Southwest. In fact, our Lumberton, Texas addiction facility is one of the top-rated facilities for dual diagnosis, array of services, and follow-up treatment after rehab completion.

Staying committed to sobriety without the safety of professionals and therapy at hand can be trying. However, Futures in Recovery seeks to provide our clients with the resources they need to excel in the world beyond our drug rehab center. Contact us today to see how we can help you or your loved one overcome addiction.