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If you are hoping to recover from a drug addiction, you should be considering the idea of going to a substance abuse treatment facility. While many individuals may be convinced that they don’t need to visit an addiction recovery center to conquer their addiction, graduating from a structured program can set afford you a better chance of reaching your recovery goals.

When looking to eliminate drugs and alcohol from your life, you want to select an addiction treatment facility that you feel comfortable in. Your reaction to the addiction recovery facility will set the tone for your treatment, determining whether or not you get the most of your addiction recovery program.

Why the Right Addiction Treatment Center is Important

The center that you receive addiction treatment in will set the tone for how well your treatment is received. If you do not feel comfortable in the facility, you will not be as receptive to the treatment as you would be if you were open and honest.

At Futures in Recovery, our drug rehab facility located in Lake Dallas, Texas, we focus on creating a comfortable and open environment for every one of our clients. By helping our clients feel at home in our facility, we allow them to share opinions, stories, and perceptions about our addiction recovery facility.

About the Futures in Recovery Rehabilitation Process

At Futures in Recovery, we understand that each addiction is different. Because of that, clients cannot be treated with the same standard approach. Each client will need their own recovery strategy, created specifically for them and their needs.

We devise a unique treatment plan for each of our clients that centers around three main phases. The needs, duration, and implementation of these phases may differ from client to client. However, each process will have the same phases, including detox, therapy, and aftercare.

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Detox is the first phase that each client will go through. At Futures in Recovery, we use supervised detoxes that guide the client through the detox process. It is important to go through a supervised detox at a drug detox clinic because the process can oftentimes be uncomfortable and challenging. With a supervised detox, professionals will ensure you get through the detox process completely and safely.

After detoxing has finished, you will move on to the therapy phase. At Futures in Recovery, we utilize a number of different therapeutic strategies, including dual diagnosis mental health treatment for applicable clients. By recognizing that addiction is both a physical and medical condition that must be treated, we help our clients make lasting changes that keep them on track for a clean life.

Therapy is usually given in both one-on-one sessions and group settings. In one-on-one meetings, clients are able to focus on their needs and what feelings or behaviors lead them to use drugs. Through therapy, clients are able to develop new habits that do not involve drug use.

Group therapy serves the purpose of allowing clients to connect with other clients at the facility and to develop a strong support system. By recognizing that they are not alone, group meetings and therapy sessions give clients a community to rely upon for support.

Once clients leave the drug rehab centers, they will begin the final rehabilitation phase. Aftercare comes in various forms, typically including individual therapies or group meetings, that help clients stay on track even with the temptations afforded by the world at large.

The type and duration of aftercare client will need depends on the environment they are returning to and what kind of temptations they may have once they leave the facility. For some, aftercare may include living in special houses designed for clients in addiction recovery. Others may choose to go to meetings a few times a month.

If you’re ready to let go of your addiction to drugs or alcohol, don’t waste any more time. The sooner you reach out for help, the sooner you can begin living a clean life.